Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is Academic Freedom? How does the Reinvention threaten it?

In light of the recent attacks on Academic Freedom by the CCC administration's Reinvention "changes" to policies and practices, the article that we link to below is very illustrative. The CCC hierarchy has a long history of vindictiveness and political persecution.

This is why those of us who are openly critical of the Reinvention have had no recourse but to remain anonymous for the time being. Never mind those whiners and administration water carriers who complaint at yet another anonymous post. They are just unhappy that they cannot be the ones that can run upstairs to expose people who are openly critical so they can be righteously patted in the back and have some crumbs thrown at them.

Here is a significant quote about an area in which the CCC administration has been repressive for years and which promises to get worse under the Reinvention regime:

"We must remember that the right to engage in extramural  speech is strong, and that it is one of the few areas in which individual academic freedom has actually received constitutional protection from the Supreme Court, the Ceballos decision notwithstanding. Faculty members should speak their minds honestly, and with passion, if need be."

by  Donald A. Downs

Donald A. Downs is a professor of political science, law, and journalism at the University of 
Wisconsin, Madison. An expert on academic freedom, he has advised several schools and 
organizations on academic freedom issues. He is the president of the Committee for Academic 
Freedom and Rights (CAFAR), a University of Wisconsin-based group of faculty dedicated to 
protecting academic freedom on campus and in the state of Wisconsin.

Professor Downs published his article through The John William Pope Center for Educational Policy. Titled Academic Freedom: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How to Tell the Difference, it can be fully accessed at http://www.popecenter.org/acrobat/AcademicFreedom.pdf.


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