Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meeting Called by Rev. Jakes to Organize Opposition to Reinvention

Below we reproduce a message we received regarding efforts to put together an organized opposition to the Reinvention. Please distribute widely.




I hope you can make it to this meeting Sunday evening.  It would be an important one for us.  I've copied and pasted the following from a media contact's e-mail to our [save-city-colleges] listserv:

A west side minister, Paul Jakes, with his contact from one of the City College campuses will convene a public forum on Sunday evening as a chance to quickly pull together an organizing summit for people from all campuses. 

It will be at Paul Jakes' church, located at 531 North Kedzie Avenue, this Sunday evening at 7:30 pm.

Former State Senator Alice Palmer will also be there to speak -- she had sent a letter to the Sun-Times to oppose Hyman's policies -- and a now-former board member who was just handed his hat by Emanuel may also be attending to speak out against the administration's plans. It would probably be good if at least a few faculty could attend.

Please forward to other CCC faculty who should know about this.

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