Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Living Example that Debunks the Reinvention Misrepresentations

In response to our post on the impending demise of remedial education at the CCC we received a sobering comment from a reader. We have taken the liberty of reposting and highlighting it below because it brilliantly exposes all that is wrong with the premises and objectives of the Reinvention, and because it is truly inspirational in our struggle to defend the original mission of the CCC and all community colleges.


Anonymous said:

Anything of value? I am a product of the City Colleges of Chicago. I am a child of immigrant parents and a first generation college graduate. It took me 11 years to earn my bachelors degree. Throughout that time, I lived life. I got married, had a family, worked, and went to school...all in a variety of combinations that life allowed. Particularly instrumental in this success was the fact that the community college afforded me the opportunity to make this happen. Today, I have earned my Masters Degree and then some and am tenured faculty with the system. My children have never been enrolled in daycare and we live a modest lifestyle where education is a priority. Anyone who reports the system being a failure is off their rocker! Not everyone is "college bound" and "traditional" and quite frankly, why would everyone want to be? Just my two cents...

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