Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 26 6:00 pm Meeting

Students, Workers and Community Members:
to Rahm and the corporations!!

Last week Rahm Emanuel was installed as the new mayor of Chicago. Students, workers and community members from the Coalition to Save City Colleges were there. We marched and protested the continuing legacy of corporate welfare and City Hall patronage at the expense of working class, minority and immigrant people. Emanuel's so-called "tough-minded collaboration" on issues of public education has so far only served the interests of bankers and corporations.

Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley played a key role in fast-tracking through Congress the anti-worker NAFTA bill which has deindustrialized our economy and devastated the economies of our neighboring countries. Now Rahm Emanuel, Michael Madigan, Arne Duncan, Pat Quinn and their cohorts are trying to fast-track public sector unions and our educational system over the cliff. The attacks on unions and collective bargaining rights in the drive to replace public schools with private charters, and the "reinvention" of the City Colleges of Chicago are part of bipartisan and international strategy by the richest few. To fight back, students and working/unemployed people need to unite in solidarity as our sisters and brothers have in Egypt, Wisconsin and now in New York.

Say NO to the corporate takeover of Chicago Public Schools and the City Colleges of Chicago!

Say NO to the dismantling of public sector unions!

Say NO to layoffs of workers and the cuts to programs and services for students and our communities!

Defend union rights and civil rights! Join our coalition efforts to halt the LaSalle Street assault on the City Colleges of Chicago.

May 26 6:00pm Meeting:
Malcolm X College - 1900 W. Van Buren St.
on the "reinvention" of the 7 City Colleges

Contacts: Jessi Choe (jessichoe@gmail.com), Steve Edwards (welfarewrkr@igc.org),
Theodore Fabriek (fabriek21@yahoo.com)

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