Friday, May 13, 2011

March on Emmanuel's Inauguration to Demand Accountability from the City Colleges

City College Students, Workers and Community Members to March on Rahm Emanuel’s Inauguration Day


Viviana Arrieta, student at Wright College and Students for a Democratic Society President

Jokarhi Miller, student at Malcolm X College and District SGA Council Parliamentarian

Nubian Malik, community activist

Reverend Paul Jakes, Jr., New Tabernacle of Faith Baptist Church

Theodore Fabriek, student at Kennedy-King College and District SGA President

Community leaders, students and teachers will hold a press conference in direct response to the mixed messages sent after a verbal agreement was made on Wednesday at Reverend Jakes’ church. At that meeting, Martin Cabrera (Chairman of the City Colleges of Chicago Board of Trustees), another Board member, and a representative from the mayor’s office had all clearly agreed to hold a public meeting at 6pm May 21st at Malcolm X College.  A follow-up letter to Reverend Jakes signed by Chairman Cabrera indicated no such confirmation.  In light of this lack of good faith, students, workers, and community leaders will march on Monday morning at 9:30 from Roosevelt University to the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park where Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s swearing-in ceremony will be held.  They say NO to privatization and the corporate manipulation of the public education systems in Chicago to serve the needs of big business.  They demand an end to the old Daley regime’s tactic of marginalizing the voices of students, staff, community members and other stakeholders in matters directly affecting them.

Organized by Save the City Colleges
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